What is ANPR System Saudi arabia ?

Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a proven mechanism that automatically reads number plate numbers on stationary or moving vehicles. Using advanced camera, recognition, and database technology ANPR systems automatically capture images of vehicle and license plate numbers and instantly check those numbers against a variety of vehicle “white lists” or “black list” held in target vehicle databases, held in a local database. Alarms can be triggered when a “hit” (match) is detected on any given database giving the ANPR operator the opportunity to take immediate action. Automatic gate barriers can be integrated with ANPR Software for entrance management.

 Using HD Quality camera operates in all conditions giving a consistent high quality images. Behind the scenes is an intelligent ANPR engine, software that does the actual recognition, database management and match rules. The software is hosted on a Sophisticated PC, built specifically for Entrance/parking application

·               Camera Targets and Captures Plate. High-powered Plate Capture Cameras send a crisp image to the ANPR Processor, which translates the image into text and checks against various hotlists.

·               Plate is compared to Hotlist Database. The ANPR Processor stores local hotlists which can be updated periodically. Our Customized ANPR compares the plate against these lists.

·               Driver /Operator is Alerted of a white list Match. When a match occurs, an audible alert sounds off and an alert box appears on the touch screen showing details about the alert

·               Using software reserve parking issues can be easily solved by allowing registered vehicles entry into checklist.

.       Anpr System Saudi arabia price is cost effective in Market for customers

We can customize software according to customized requirement as well with additional reasonable prices.

Where ANPR Software is useful?

·               • Private Parking / Paid parking

·               • Large commercial complexes

·               • Stolen vehicle detection

·               • Airport security 

·               • Surveillance on streets

·               • Criminal warrants

·               • Counter-terrorism

·               • Ports of entry

·               • Theme park security

·               • Perimeter security

·               • Internal Security special operations

·               • Border Patrol / enforcement

ANPR System Will Recognize for various countries in Gulf like

Saudi arabia,anpr camera dubai,Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey...etc


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